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5 Reasons you need a Reputation Attorney to Clear your Background


There are many reasons why you should have a clean background track no matter where you live or what you do. Having a mugshot on the internet is bad luck. Besides negatively painting your image, it also deprives you of many opportunities.


Some people have landed into serious trouble over and over again just because their face is in the criminal records, others lost their jobs while others lost opportunities to work in their dream companies.


If you are one of these people, then you should already be looking for a reputable lawyer who has the know-how and compliance with the California mugshot removal law and can help you out in the matter.


Meanwhile, here is what you are looking to recover by having your records cleared;

Get Back your Freedom


The best thing about having a clean record is the freedom it gives. Mugshots are taken for you to be identified as a criminal not just by the court and the police but also by the public, the alleged victims, and the investigators.


Having your mugshot all over means you can’t even walk in your neighborhood without a neighbor feeling threatened and the need to call cops on you or go about your daily business peacefully without people doubting and questioning.

Restore your Reputation


The next best thing about taking your mugshot down is to restore your reputation. Even if you got arrested and had your mugshot up just before you were released, people are still going to have their doubts about you every time they come across or look up and find your mugshot online.


Having it taken down is however a different case. Since no one will n longer find any of your shots online and any criminal records about you, sooner or later people forget and you gain your reputation back.

Improve your Chances of Getting a Job


No matter how small your crime was, if you have a mugshot up on the internet no managers will trust you enough to employ you. You will always be a criminal in people’s eyes, and who wants a criminal as part of their staff, right?


When you submit a job application in any company, HR will not only study your application but also dig you up, check out your background records, and everything you have been up to before you approach them. A clean record will increase your chance of getting the job.

Get your Life Back


In a nutshell, getting your criminal records cleared up simply means you get your life back. Everything might not immediately go back to the way they were before but eventually, you will see the change and have your old life again.


You get your family back, have the potential of getting your job back or even a new, better, one, get your good reputation back, and above all get your freedom back. While your mugshot is still up on the internet, you still walk around feeling like a criminal you are not.


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