An Overview of Massachusetts Mugshot Law- Getting Mugshot Removed


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In Massachusetts, mugshots are a matter of public record, meaning they can be accessed by anyone who requests them. This means that if you have ever been arrested in the state, your mugshot could end up available for public consumption. While this may seem unfair, it is important to understand the laws surrounding these images and what rights you have when it comes to their use. Let’s take a closer look at the Massachusetts mugshot law and what it means for you.

What is a Mugshot?

A mugshot is a photograph taken during the booking process when someone is arrested. It usually shows a person from the front and side view for identification purposes. These photographs are taken to create an accurate visual representation of someone who has been arrested, which helps to ensure accuracy when searching for potential matches in case files or other databases.

What Does Massachusetts Mugshot Law Say?

The Massachusetts mugshot law states that these images are made available to the public upon request, though they cannot be used commercially without permission from both parties involved—the arresting agency and the subject of the photo. The law also states that any third-party websites that host mugshots must remove them immediately upon request from either party. Additionally, any information related to criminal charges or convictions must be removed with 24 hours of receipt of removal request from either party as well.

Can I Get My Mugshot Removed?

If you have had your mugshot taken in Massachusetts, you do have certain rights when it comes to its use and availability. You can request that your mugshots be removed from any website hosting them or ask for all related information about criminal charges or convictions to be removed as well. If you feel like your privacy has been violated due to an individual posting your photograph online without consent or proper context, then it’s best to contact an attorney who can help protect your legal rights and advise on what action needs to be taken next.

What Are The Penalties For Violating The Law?

Any person found guilty of violating the state’s statutes regarding sharing or using photos will face civil penalties including compensatory damages, punitive damages, attorney fees, court costs, and more depending on how serious the violation was deemed by a judge or jury. Additionally, there may also be criminal penalties associated with violations such as fines up to $10K and even jail time depending on how many times someone has committed an offense against another’s privacy rights through illegal use of photos or other personal information without permission from both parties involved in each instance.

Summing up

Overall, understanding the Massachusetts mug shot law is essential if you want to ensure that your privacy rights are respected and protected. As we discussed above, individuals whose photos were taken during booking processes do have certain rights when it comes to their use and availability online – including requesting removal of their images from any website hosting them without permission from both parties involved (arresting agency & subject). Doing so will help ensure compliance with state regulations & protect everyone’s privacy interests in accordance with current laws & regulations set forth by Massachusetts judicial system!

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